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Third Session of Youth Parliament Begins

Islamabad, March 31, 2010: The Third Session of Youth Parliament Pakistan began with a calling attention notice by Ms. Zile Huma (YP13-PUNJAB13) on the unfortunate incident of violence in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad on the issue of increased transport fares. The house strongly condemned this incident and use of force by both sides and pointed out the weaknesses of administration which implemented the rules and regulations.

Mr. Hummal Muneer Jan (YP03-BALOCHISTAN02) gave suggestions and pointed out problems regarding transportation problems between twin cities. He also pointed out increases in the rent and suggested that government should take steps and gives subsidy in rents.

Syed Manzoor Shah (YP04-BALOCHISTAN03) then moved a resolution on Rental Power Plants and said that they were started in 2001 in the dictatorship era. Government of Pakistan invested billions of dollars for fulfilling the need of electricity but no out come has been achieved as yet. There are two power plants working in Lahore with the coalition of Japan and each one is producing 125 MW of electricity, yet the electricity bills are increasingly throughout which shows failure of policies on the part of the government.

Mr. Imtiaz Ali Khuro (YP46-SINDH09) said that the Government of Pakistan did not make use of the natural resources for the production of electricity. Khanpur and Hyderabad are hot cities and solar energy projects should be implemented to produce electricity. Mr. Hassan Javed Khan (YP39-SINDH02) opposed this point of view and said that high capital is needed for using the natural resources.

Syeda Rabab Zahra Naqvi (YP41-SINDH04) was of the view that the unit prices are increasing due to global oil prices. It is not possible to cut off all agreements with rental powers because we have no feasible alternative at the time. Ms. Asba Rehman (YP30-PUNJAB12) said that there are 14 rental powers working in the country because government has no other alternative to it.

Mr. Ehsan Naveed Irfan (YP13-NWFP02) argued that the power shortage is not a problem of only Pakistan but also of Bangladesh and India and research projects have been started to solve such a situation.

Mr. Zahoor ud din (YP06-FATA02) suggested taking a step forward for accountability of ex- govt who didnít made right decisions. The Resolution was then put to vote in the house and was rejected with heavy majority.

The Youth Parliament will discuss the Water Crisis in the country tomorrow including a guest speech by Mr. Shams ul Mulk, Former Chairman WAPDA and Former Caretaker Chief Minister of NWFP.

  Ms. Asba Rehman (YP30-PUNJAB12) speaking on the Rental Power Plants Issue  
  Mr. Ali Inam Khan (YP14-NWFP03) explaining his view point  
  Mr. Ehsan Naveed Irfan (YP13-NWFP02) from the Green Party  
  Engr. Khurram Dastgir Khan MNA, advising to the Green Party at the Party Meeting  
  Blue Party Meeting in Progress  
Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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