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Youth Parliament Pakistan concludes its Fourth Session

Islamabad, May 30: Youth Parliament Pakistan concluded its Fourth Session here in Islamabad today. The topics under discussion in the Fourth Session were National Identity and Good Governance and Accountability.

The day started with a calling Attention Notice on the increase in food prices in the month of Ramzan. The Youth Minister of Finance spoke about the imposition of price ceilings during the month of Ramazan on all commodities which cater to the everyday consumption of the poor people of Pakistan. He agreed that the implementation of this policy may seem hard because of the enforcement of these prices is not easy to maintain due to the forces of demand and supply.

A number of reports were presented in the house, which were discussed earlier. The suggestions and recommendations given by the house on both the reports on accountability and civil service reforms were adjusted and catered to as per the recommendations of the concerned members. Another report on general Youth Policy was presented by the Youth Minister of Culture Sports and Youth Affairs. A report on Health Care Reforms was also presented.

A resolution was passed on the need for formulation of new provinces for better delivery of public services. The house discussed that the new province formation should be on the basis of administrative problems and not on ethnic basis.

Top Members of the first three Sessions of the Youth Parliament Pakistan were awarded certificates on the basis of their Evaluation in the respective sessions. Mr. Mujib ur Rehman Shami, Chief Editor, Daily Pakistan and Mr. Javed Jabbar, former Senator and former Minister for Information and Media Development addressed the Youth Parliament Pakistan in the fourth Session on the topic of National Identity.

The last Session of the Youth Parliament will take place from July 27 - August 01, 2010. Foreign Policy and Education are the two topics proposed by the House for discussions in the last session.

Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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