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Youth Parliament Pakistan unanimously elects its new Prime Minister

Islamabad, May 29: Youth Parliament Pakistan elected its new Prime Minister, Mr. Hassan Javed Khan (YP39-SINDH02), who took oath of the office today here at the Fourth Day of the Fourth session held in Islamabad. Earlier, former Prime Minister Rana Amaar Faruq (YP08-ICT01) submitted his resignation which in effect, dissolved his cabinet.

The newly appointed Youth cabinet includes: Rana Amaar Faruq (YP08-ICT01 ) as Youth Minister for Law, Human Rights and Parliamentary Affairs; Mr. Shamas ur Rehman Alvi (YP48-SINDH11) as Youth Minister for Finance, Planning Affairs and Economics; Mr. Prem Chand (YP38-SINDH01) as Youth Prime Minister for Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs; Ms. Maria Fayyaz (YP32-PUNJAB14) as Youth Minister for Education, Health and Environment, Syeda Rabab Zehra Naqvi (YP41-SINDH04) as Youth Minister for Information and Mr. Abdullah Lak (YP36-PUNJAB18), Youth Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence.

Earlier in the day, a Calling Attention Notice was presented condemning the twin terror attacks in Lahore which claimed 80 lives and targeted a specific group. The House demanded quick enquiry in the matter and demanded that the people responsible be punished for such heinous act. Another Calling Attention Notice discussed the arrests and assaults by Karachi police on a peaceful teachers rally.

Mr. Imtiaz Ali Khuro (YP46-SINDH09) and Syed Manzoor Shah (YP04-BALOCHISTAN03) moved a resolution proposing a new accountability mechanism throughout the country. Another resolution by Ms. Rabab Zehra Naqvi (YP41-SINDH04) and Ms. Anam Javed Cheema (YP29-PUNJAB11) discussed the proposals for a unique good governance policy of Youth Parliament Pakistan. Members proposed their suggestions for new accountability mechanisms stating that a computerized system should be implemented for E-Governance. 

The House discussed the need for Civil Service Reforms and Accountability mechanism and proposals were submitted by both the parties to the ad hoc committee co chaired by Leader of the House and Leader of the Opposition.

A report on General Youth Policy will be presented in the House tomorrow along with a report on National Health Care and a Bill on the elimination of ghost schools in the country.

Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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