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PILDAT demands early completion of Air Blue Plane Crash Investigation & monument in victims’ memory


Islamabad, October 28: At the completion of three months to the Air Blue Plane Crash in Margallla Hills, PILDAT demands that the investigation of the incident be expeditiously completed and made public. The tragic Air Blue Plane Crash on July 28, 2010 saw the death of 6 of the members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan ( ) who were traveling to attend its Fifth and Final Session of the Youth Parliament here in Islamabad.

Earlier, in a letter to the Director General of Civil Aviation Authority, PILDAT had requested information regarding the progress on the investigation which is being anxiously awaited by the relatives and friends of the victims. Requesting an update on the ongoing investigation, the expected time for its completion and the status of the final report to be submitted to Ministry of Defence, PILDAT urged the Authority and the Government to expeditiously complete the investigation and make the findings public at the earliest.

PILDAT also reminded the promise made by Air Blue and the government to the families of the victims for the compensation, demanding an early payment of compensation and clearing uncertainty and ambiguities in this regard.

PILDAT also reminded Capital Development Authority (CDA) of its commitment to erect a monument wall near the site of the crash in memory of the martyrs of the Plane Crash.

The tragedy of the July 28 Plane crash saw deaths of 148 people, 6 of whom were the members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan, who were martyred in the cause of public service and democracy. At the completion of three months, PILDAT stands by and sympathizes with their families and as per commitment, demands that Civil Aviation Authority to play its role in finding out the real cause of the incident and making it public while urges Air Blue and the Government to make sure that the families are duly compensated.

Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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