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"We are evolving as a nation; We should not be fixated with India and must work build upon our own resources and system: Javed Jabbar"

Islamabad, May 28: "Pakistan is an unusual nation in a lot of ways; it has an invented name and is one of the 3 countries out of 191 in the United Nations which is founded on the basis of religion, "said Mr. Javed Jabbar, former Senator and former Minister for Information & Media Development while addressing the third day of the Fourth Session of Youth Parliament Pakistan on the topic of National Identity.

He said that the event of 1971 was a traumatic one and questioned the basis of Pakistani Identity. "We must learn from such incidences and keeping Islam as the unifying factor, and must not deny provinces, regions and administrative units of their rights." Mr. Jabbar said that the case of Faisal Shehzad was a clear case of conflicting identities. He also said that the role of media plays a huge role in projecting the image of a country and unfortunately our cinemas and media are not helping, the way these should, to promote and reclaim our national identity.

"The word secularism has been misused since the creation of Pakistan which has hurt the concept of National Identity. The 'Reconstruction of religious thought in Islam' by Allama Mohammad Iqbal says that 'all that is secular is deeply sacred in the roots of its din'. The real meaning of secularism is respect for all religions rather than upholding a single religion, he said.

Earlier in the day, the Youth Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Rana Amaar Faruq (YP08-ICT01) submitted his resignation along with his Cabinet. During a party meeting, the new candidate for the Prime Minister, Mr. Hassan Javed Khan (YP39-SINDH02), was selected unanimously by the party and will take oath of the office on Saturday, May 29, 2010.

The legislative business included a number of Calling Attention Notices which included the results of the recently held United Kingdom elections, congratulating 8 Muslims MPs including 3 women and specially congratulating the Pakistani-origin Chairperson of the Conservative party and Cabinet Minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi.

Members strongly protested the "Draw Muhammad" page on facebook claiming that it was an attack on the integrity of Islam and on the global Muslim community. Attention of the House was also invited to 'Yaum-e-Takbir', May 28, 2010, and the House resolved to stand united as a nation against any challenges to ensure peace in the region.

The highlight of the day was the report on youth policy on National Identity presented by the Youth Parliament Pakistan 2009-10. The report included the perspective of the Youth Parliament in understanding the underlying basis of National Identity in the country. The report offers solutions and recommendations to help understand and reclaim a unique National Identity.

A resolution was passed on the need to add major regional languages as additional subjects in primary schools of the respective provinces to promote cultural harmony in the country. The House also believed that Arabic should be taught as a compulsory language in curriculum in order to understand the true principles of religion and help understand our identity.

The ascertainment for the newly selected Prime Minister will take place tomorrow along with the oath taking ceremony of the new cabinet.

Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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