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Youth Parliament Pakistan considers a youth policy on National Identity; demands setting-up a Judicial Commission for the Inquiry of Assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto

Islamabad, May 26; On the first day of the fourth session of Youth Parliament, the Youth Parliament began considering contours of a youth policy on National Identity.

The session that is focusing on two topics of National Identity and Good Governance and Accountability will see the members from two mock parties to attempt to reach a consensus on two important issues from the platform of Youth Parliament.

The first day of the Fourth Session of Youth Parliament began with offering fateha for the departed soul of the father of Dr. Donya Aziz, MNA and Advisor Blue Party Youth Parliament.

A calling attention notice by Ms. Zil-e-Huma (YP13-PUNJAB31) was presented in the House regarding the looming danger associated with Attabad Lake in Hunza that is expected to flood and erase 36 villages if the barriers break. The discussion ranged from the weak spillover infrastructural problems and to the problems related to rehabilitation of the 14000 people. The House also believed that the administration is doing what it humanly can to contain and manage the crisis.

The first resolution of the day was moved by Ms. Gul Andaam Orakzai ( YP10-ICT03), Mr. Imtiaz Ali Khoro (YP46-SINDH09) and Ms. Zile Huma ( YP13-PUNJAB31) asking the government to take immediate measures to hold accountable the real culprits of assassination of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in the light of the UN Commission Report. Criticising the UN Report, Ms. Anam Javed Cheema (YP29-PUNJAB11) said that the report was only an attempt to malign all our institutions. She demanded that an independent Judicial Commission must be constituted for an objective inquiry into the assassination of Ms. Bhutto. The House demanded action against the Law Minister and the Interior Minister while criticizing the 3 member committee made by the Prime Minister, saying the committee was eyewash and not meant to reach to a substantial decision. The resolution was passed with majority.

The second resolution of the day was moved by Mr. Hmmal Muneer (YP03-BALOCHISTAN02), Ms. Asbah Rehman (YP30-PUNJAB12) and Mr. Imtiaz Ali Khuro (YP46-SINDH09) which demanded that the Government must take immediate steps to bring back General Pervez Musharraf for trial. Members generally called the rule of President Musharraf as a dark era in the history of the country and called the killings of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti a criminal act.

Mr. Mujib-ur-Rehman Shami, Editor-in-Chief, Daily Pakistan, and former President APNS and CPNE will address the Youth Parliament on the issue of National Identity tomorrow, May 27, 2010 which will be followed by an interactive session with the members of the Youth Parliament.

Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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