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Youth Parliament Pakistan meets the Young Muslim Advisory Group, National Union for Pakistani Students and Alumni and City Circle, London


London, July 09: In a day devoted to interactions about the British Muslim and Pakistani youth, its interaction within the British society as well as its perceptions of Pakistan, the Youth Parliament Pakistan held detailed conversations yesterday with the Young Muslim Advisory Group (YMAG), the National Union for Pakistani Students and Alumni (NUPSA), and the City Circle, London.

Mr. Phil Long, YMAG Youth Worker explained that YMAG is made up of 21 young Muslims from around England and has representatives in each of the 9 regions and exists to advise the Government and empower young Muslims by acting as a clear channel for Government to communicate to young Muslims and for young Muslims to communicate to Government. During the discussion, the Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation engaged in an interaction on youth’s perspectives on the issues faced by Pakistan today and the role that youth can play in elimination of such problems. The Pakistan delegation and the YMAG officials discussed partnership and the possibility of future association between the two organizations for a greater liaison and interaction between the Youth in the UK and Pakistan. The discussions also included the nature of community relations and cohesion specially of the British Muslim community in Britain and its challenges.

The meeting with the National Union for Pakistani Students and Alumni that took place at the Imperial College, London premises, revolved around the Pakistani students’ perceptions of the British society and the interaction between youth of Pakistani origin and the British society. The NUPSA is Pakistani Student Community that represents Pakistan Youth across the United Kingdom. Mr. Ammar Rauf, Vice President and Mr. Naeem ur Rehman, Former Vice President, NUPSA, explained the structure of their union and the research projects that they had initiated, amongst other projects, which help bridge the gap between the Pakistani Students and the English community here in the UK. The discussion also included the issues of second generation Pakistani British Youth and the challenges, opportunities and issues faced by the Pakistani British Youth in UK.

The Youth Parliament delegation met the City Circle, London, an organization that works to promote development of distinct Muslim identity in the UK. Mr. Sid Djerfi, a trustee of the organization, explained that the City Circle seeks to assist the process of community cohesion and integration by building bilateral strategic alliances between Muslim and the non-Muslim communities and harness and channel the skills and resources of Muslim professionals into practical projects. The discussion were mainly on understanding the British Muslims in UK and the undercurrents of this relationship, with special emphasis on the way the British Muslims look at the policies and Democracy in the UK.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation to the UK includes Mr. Lehrasip Hayat, YP23-PUNJAB05; Youth Leader of Opposition; Syed Manzoor Shah, YP04-BALOCHISTAN03; Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence; Mr. Hannan Ali Abbasi, YP15-NWFP04; Former Youth Minister for Information; Ms. Anam Javed Cheema, YP29-PUNJAB11; Chairperson Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Information; Ms. Zil-e-Huma, YP31-PUNJAB13; General Secretary, Youth Parliament Green Party; Ms. Madeeha Shahid Rana YP34-PUNJAB16; Former Minister for Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs; Mr. Bilal Nasir, YP44-SINDH07; Youth Shadow Minister for Information and Mr. Imtiaz Ali YP46-SINDH09; Chief Whip, Youth Parliament Green Party.


Meeting of the Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation with the Young Muslim Advisory Group (YMAG)



Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation with members of the Young Muslim Advisory Group (YMAG)



Members of the Youth Parliament presenting a memento to YMAG representatives


  NUPSA representatives with the Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation  
  Meeting of the Youth Parliament with National Union of Pakistani Students and Alumni  
  Representatives of NUPSA receiving a memento from delegation of Youth Parliament Pakistan  
  Briefing for the Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation by the City Circle  
Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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