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Youth Parliament Pakistan visits the UK Parliament; Watches live proceedings of the House of Lords and the House of Commons


London, July 08: The Youth Parliament Pakistan spent the entire day at the UK Parliament to understand the British Parliamentary System and interact with Muslim origin members of the Parliaments for an exchange of views.

The day started with a briefing of the welcome and explanation of the work and activities of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) UK in the CPA room by Mr. Andrew Tuggey, Secretary, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK. He briefed the delegation on the working of the CPA branch and the working of the UK Parliament, with special emphasis on the standards, ethics, privileges and the Committee System. He also explained the workings of other branches of CPA and their relationship and working with the Parliament.

Mr. Liam Laurence Smyth, Clerk of the Journals and having a 33 year association with the UK Parliament further briefed the delegation on the rules and procedures of the Parliament and gave an introduction on the Prime Minister Question and Answers Session.  The delegation then witnessed the  PMís Q&A session in the House of Commons. The questions were mostly related to the ways and means and the trade offs for England to resist and revive from the financial crisis.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan met Pakistani origin UK Member of Parliaments which included Lord Ahmed, Mr. Sajid Javid, Ms. Yasmin Qureshi, Mr. Rehman Chisti and Mr. Anas Sarwar. The discussions revolved around the opportunities in British politics for a Pakistani-origin British Muslim and the state of relationship of the Pakistani Diaspora with the British society. The members of the Youth Parliament enquired about the high number of rejections to the Pakistaniís for UK visas and the reason for excessive tuition fees for international students and the decreasing standards of education in UK. The UK members of Parliament reiterated the fact that Pakistan is an exceptional country full of natural resources and talented youth, urging the MYPsí to work harder for the prosperity of their country.

Then came the major highlight of the day which was the visit to the House of Lords and the House of Commons to witness the proceedings. The Delegation then visited the Carbon Gym in the Portcullis House where the members were educated about the complexities of production of energy, urging the use of energy savers. The Members visited the Supreme Court and were given an overview and background of the institution, including the tour of the building and all its court rooms. The delegation also witnessed the proceedings of the Supreme Court.

The MYPs were then briefed on the UK Judicial System by Ms. Hannah Stewart, Legal Specialist to the Justice Committee in the Westminster Hall. She explained the difference between Scottish and the English Justice systems. She also outlined shifts in legal structures with regards to UKís relationship with the European court of Justice and European court of Human Rights.

Delegation toured the newly formed UK Supreme Court, which has been shifted from parliament to another building to mark the separation of powers between various organs of the state. They also viewed the proceedings in newly formed court. Ms. Hanna Stewart, legal specialist to the justice committee, briefed the delegation about UK Justice system. She also explained the difference between Scottish Justice system and the English one. She also outlined shifts in legal structures with regards to UKís relationship with the European court of Justice and European court of Human Rights.  

The Youth Parliament Pakistan delegates include Mr. Lehrasip Hayat, YP23-PUNJAB05; Youth Leader of Opposition; Syed Manzoor Shah, YP04-BALOCHISTAN03; Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence; Mr. Hannan Ali Abbasi, YP15-NWFP04; Former Youth Minister for Information; Ms. Anam Javed Cheema, YP29-PUNJAB11; Chairperson Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Information; Ms. Zil-e-Huma YP31-PUNJAB13; General Secretary, Youth Parliament Green Party; Ms. Madeeha Shahid Rana YP34-PUNJAB16; Former Minister for Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs; Mr. Bilal Nasir, YP44-SINDH07; Youth Shadow Minister for Information and Mr. Imtiaz Ali YP46-SINDH09; Chief Whip, Youth Parliament Green Party; Ms. Aasiya Riaz, Joint Director PILDAT and Mr. Muhammad Umer Shami, Projects Offices, PILDAT.

The study visit to UK by a delegation of the Youth Parliament Pakistan is supported by the British High Commission Islamabad through the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK, so as to provide an opportunity to the Youth Parliament delegation to understand the British political and Parliamentary system and engage in a meaningful dialogue with British youth counterparts on issues of mutual concern.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan ( is a PILDAT ( project that provides a platform for Pakistani Youth. It is patterned after the National Assembly of Pakistan with 48 members from all over the country. The Youth Parliament membership is selected from across the country for a one-year term. Establishment and facilitation of the Youth Parliament is part of PILDAT's focus on Youth in the country and Youth's awareness education and training in the norms of politics and democracy in the country. PILDAT strongly feels that sustainable democracy and the sustainability of sound democratic institutions in Pakistan is not possible without youth's involvement in the democratic and political process even if this involvement is simply as a citizen or voter.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan has its own 2-Party system, the Leader of the House and the Leader of the Opposition, a Youth Cabinet, a Shadow Cabinet and Parliamentary Committees. Senator S. M. Zafar, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Education, serves as a chairman of the Youth Parliament Steering Committee while Mr. Faisal Karim Kundi, MNA, Deputy Speaker National Assembly is the Patron of Youth Parliament. Other notable members of the Steering Committee include Mr. Wazir Ahmad Jogezai, former Deputy Speaker; Dr. Donya Aziz, MNA; Mr. Khurram Dastgir Khan, MNA and Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan, MNA.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan consists of 48 young men and women who represent the four provinces, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Islamabad Capital Territory in proportion to the population of these units. The first-ever batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan completed its first term successfully in 2007-2008 while the second batch completed its term in 2008-2009. The third batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan is currently undergoing its 1 year term.


Group photograph of the Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation with the Pakistani Origin British Members of Parliament



Group Photograph of the Youth Parliament delegation with UK MPs



Lord Ahmed, Mr. Anas Sarwar MP and Mr. Sajid Javid MP in a discussion with the Youth Parliament delegation


  Lord Ahmed being presented a memento  
  Members of the Youth Parliament presenting a memento to Ms Yasmin Qureshi MP  
  Mr. Anas Sarwar MP being presented a memento by the Members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan  
  Members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan presenting a memento to Mr. Liam Laurence Smyth Clerk of the Journals  
  Ms. Caroline Clennell-Jaine briefing the Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation on the UK media  
  Ms. Hannah Stewart Legal Specialist to the Justice Committee with the Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation  
  Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation during their visit to UK Supreme Court  
  Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation being briefed on the UK Justice System  
Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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