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Youth Parliament Delegates interviewed @ BBC World News


London, July 7; Members of the Youth Parliament delegation, currently on a Study Visit to UK, appeared on the BBC World News and were interviewed at the BBC World Service Radio by Ms. Mishal Husain and Mr. Owen Bennett Jones respectively.

In an interaction with Ms. Mishal Husain at the Impact Asia segment at the BBC World News, Mr. Lehrasip Hayat, Leader of the Opposition, Youth Parliament and Ms. Anam Javed Cheema, Chairperson, Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Information, explained the working of the Youth Parliament Pakistan and how the experience is helping Pakistani youth understand and appreciate the working of crucial democratic institutions such as Parliament as well as help create the culture of structured dialogue and debate amongst youth on policy issues that confront Pakistan.

In a radio conversation with Mr. Owen Bennett Jones, Syed Manzoor Shah, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence, Youth Parliament belonging to Balochistan, Mr. Imtiaz Ali Khuro, Chief Whip, Youth Parliament Green Party, belonging to Sindh and Ms. Anam Javed Cheema, representing Punjab, discussed in detail their perspectives on issues faced by youth in Pakistan and the youth’s perspective on insurgency in Pakistan. The members of the Youth Parliament said that contrary to the Western perception, Pakistan is not an epicentre of global terrorism but a victim of terrorism as Pakistan has suffered the greatest in terms of human cost and suffering as well as the economic, social and military cost. Pakistan needs friends to support its efforts against insurgency; this help is not just military help but help in areas of trade and economic ties mainly, followed by education and social sector development and enhancement.

An eight member Youth Parliament Pakistan delegation is currently on a Study Visit to the UK. The Youth Parliament Pakistan ( is a project by PILDAT ( to involve and engage the youth of Pakistan in the values of politics and democracy in the country.

Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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