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Youth Parliament Delegation interacts with the Chatham House, Deputy Mayor of London and the FCO


London, July 7; On the second day of the Study Visit to UK, the Youth Parliament delegation visited the offices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Chatham House, the Greater London Authority as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

In a detailed interaction at the Chatham House, the leading British think tank, the youth Parliament delegation not only discussed the structure, functions and the spread of various research and study initiatives of the Chatham House but also engaged in a conversation about the existing British policies towards Pakistan, the South Asian region and the world. The Youth Parliament delegation met with the Chatham House Communications Director Mr. Keith Burnet and Ms. Rosheen Kabraji, the Asia Programme Coordinator to understand how the Chatham House works, the role it plays in the British political system, its current work in South Asia, how does the Chatham House maintain its independence and an interaction about the the policy changes brought in after the formation of the new coalition government in the UK, etc.

The Youth Parliament delegation visited the Greater London Authority and held a detailed meeting and interaction with the Deputy Mayor of London, Mr. Richard Barnes. In a frank and candid conversation, while the Youth Parliament delegation asked questions about the role of the GLA in managing the affairs of London, Mr. Barnes engaged in a conversation with the delegates on their views and perceptions as Pakistani youth in many different areas. The objective of the delegationís work was to understand the role of the local government, especially in a city like London, with that of other branches of the Government and the challenges of managing a metropolitan like London. The delegation also discussed the approach of the GLA especially towards engaging the youth of London.

The delegation visited the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and was briefed by the role and work of the FCO, especially the Pakistan desk, by Mr. Ben Stride, Desk Officer for Pakistan. The delegates were also given a brief tour of the historical FCO building and admired the attention to detail and design and architecture of the historical building.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan delegates include Mr. Lehrasip Hayat, YP23-PUNJAB05; Youth Leader of Opposition; Syed Manzoor Shah, YP04-BALOCHISTAN03; Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence; Mr. Hannan Ali Abbasi, YP15-NWFP04; Former Youth Minister for Information; Ms. Anam Javed Cheema, YP29-PUNJAB11; Chairperson Youth Parliament Standing Committee on Information; Ms. Zil-e-Huma YP31-PUNJAB13; General Secretary, Youth Parliament Green Party; Ms. Madeeha Shahid Rana YP34-PUNJAB16; Former Minister for Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs; Mr. Bilal Nasir, YP44-SINDH07; Youth Shadow Minister for Information and Mr. Imtiaz Ali YP46-SINDH09; Chief Whip, Youth Parliament Green Party; Ms. Aasiya Riaz, Joint Director PILDAT and Mr. Muhammad Umer Shami, Projects Offices, PILDAT.

The study visit to UK by a delegation of the Youth Parliament Pakistan is supported by the British High Commission Islamabad through the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK, so as to provide an opportunity to the Youth Parliament delegation to understand the British political and Parliamentary system and engage in a meaningful dialogue with British youth counterparts on issues of mutual concern.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan ( is a PILDAT ( project that provides a platform for Pakistani Youth. It is patterned after the National Assembly of Pakistan with 48 members from all over the country. The Youth Parliament membership is selected from across the country for a one-year term. Establishment and facilitation of the Youth Parliament is part of PILDAT's focus on Youth in the country and Youth's awareness education and training in the norms of politics and democracy in the country. PILDAT strongly feels that sustainable democracy and the sustainability of sound democratic institutions in Pakistan is not possible without youth's involvement in the democratic and political process even if this involvement is simply as a citizen or voter.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan has its own 2-Party system, the Leader of the House and the Leader of the Opposition, a Youth Cabinet, a Shadow Cabinet and Parliamentary Committees. Senator S. M. Zafar, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Education, serves as a chairman of the Youth Parliament Steering Committee while Mr. Faisal Karim Kundi, MNA, Deputy Speaker National Assembly is the Patron of Youth Parliament. Other notable members of the Steering Committee include Mr. Wazir Ahmad Jogezai, former Deputy Speaker; Dr. Donya Aziz, MNA; Mr. Khurram Dastgir Khan, MNA and Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan, MNA.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan consists of 48 young men and women who represent the four provinces, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Islamabad Capital Territory in proportion to the population of these units. The first-ever batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan completed its first term successfully in 2007-2008 while the second batch completed its term in 2008-2009. The third batch of Youth Parliament Pakistan is currently undergoing its 1 year term.


Group photograph of Youth Parliament Pakistan with the Representatives of Chatham House



Mr. Keith Burnet Communications Director Chatham House briefing the members on the structure of the organisation and its research approach



 Deputy Mayor London Mr. Richard Barnes briefing the Youth Parliament Pakistan on the challenges faced by the London City



Group photograph of the Youth Parliament Pakistan Delegation with Mr. Ben Stride Communications Desk Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK

  Discussion of the Youth Parliament Delegation with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK  
Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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