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Youth Parliament concludes Second Session

Islamabad, February 07, 2010; The Youth Parliament Pakistan concluded its last session today held here in Islamabad after discussing a series of issues through the youth's perspective.

The day started with a Calling Attention Notice on the Bombings in Quetta, Balochistan. The house condemned the attacks and prayed for the departed souls of the martyrs.

Mr. Muhammad Saleem (YP19-PUNJAB01) called the attention of the House to the sugar crisis in the country and emphasized that there is enough sugar produced in the country to cater for the needs of everyone and Government should take strict actions against the people who have caused this crisis.

Mr. Bilal Jamaee (YP44-SINDH07) demanded that the ban on pillion riding in Karachi must be lowered as it causes inconvenience to the people of the region and does not serve its purpose of curbing street crimes.

Syed Manzoor Shah (YP04-BALOCHISTAN03) suggested that the environmental problems in Balochistan must be addressed as it is a province containing natural resources which must be preserved.

Mr. Hair-ud-din Baloch (YP02-BALOCHISTAN01) invited the attention of the House to re-consider the role of Frontier Constabulary (FC) in Balochistan and demanded that the FC check posts should be removed immediately and a committee must be formed to monitor the situation.

A resolution was moved by Aurangzeb Khan Zalmay (YP16-NWFP05), Muhammad Irfan Khan (YP07-FATA03)  members of opposition party (Green) and Ali Inam Khan (YP14-NWFP03) member of government Party (Blue) demanding that the name of NWFP be changed to Pakhtunistan/ Pakhtunkhwa or Afghania. They were of the opinion that Pakhtuns are in majority in NWFP and they have their legal right to change the name of the province, keeping in mind that the movement of Pakhtunkhwa is not a secessionist movement, but it is for the restoration of identity. The members were of the view that if the major ethnic groups do not agree to give identity to Pakhtun then the names of the rest of the provinces should be debated and changed with regard to their geographical location The problem behind this issue, they said, is that unfortunately it has been politicized and therefore it has raised the ethnic and political temperature of the country. Those against the resolution said that the cost of renaming the province is very high and since the province consists of diverse cultures, renaming it would only cause more divide between the people.

Leader of the opposition, Mr. Lehrasip Hayat (YP23-PUNJAB05) said that federations can only be stronger when provinces are strong, and by changing the name we would be giving faith and confidence to the people of the province. The Youth Prime Minister, Mr. Rana Amaar Farooq (YP08-ICT01) supported the opposition leader stating that unity is important and the name must be changed based on popular consensus of the house. The Resolution was passed with heavy majority, while three members, including the Information Minister walked out of the parliament in protest.

The third Session of the Youth Parliament Pakistan is to take place from March 31 to April 04, 2010 in Islamabad. The Youth Parliament Business Advisory Committee, that met earlier today, picked the topics of Issues of Water Resources in Pakistan and Inflation, Unemployment and Poverty in the coming session.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan (YPP) is a platform of Pakistani Youth patterned after the National Assembly of Pakistan with 48 members from all over the country. Conceived, created and facilitated by PILDAT (, the Youth Parliament Pakistan also has an independent Steering Committee while Honourable Mr. Faisal Karim Kundi, MNA; Deputy Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan serves as the Patron of Youth Parliament Pakistan. Senator S. M. Zafar; Mr. Wazir Ahmed Jogezai, Former Deputy Speaker, National Assembly of Pakistan; Dr. Donya Aziz, MNA, Engr. Khuram Dastgir Khan, MNA; Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan, MNA and Mr. Kabir Sabar, Member; RBS Global Banking and Markets; Young British Politician and Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, Executive Director PILDAT serve as members of the Youth Parliament Steering Committee.


Mr. Hammal Muneer Jan (YP03-BALOCHISTAN02) condemning the "Bombings in Quetta" through a Call Attention Notice


Mr. Ali Inam Khan (YP14-NWFP03) explaining his point


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Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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