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Western Policy of Dialogue with Taliban is a Triumph of Pakistan's Perspective; Youth must focus its energies on developing practical solutions: Mushahid Hussain Sayed

Islamabad, February 5, 2010: Mr. Mushahid Hussain Sayed, General Secretary, PML and former Senator, while addressing the Youth Parliament Pakistan on the topic of Revisiting Pakistan's Policy on Terrorism, said that Pakistan has a key role to play in the region and the youth must focus its energies on developing new solutions drawing from lessons emanating from previous policies. He gave a historical overview of the geo-political importance of Pakistan in the region and identified various strengths of the country which must be acknowledged while planning for the present and the future. He supported the policy of dialogue in Afghanistan which he said was a huge triumph of Pakistan's perspective. The West is shy of openly admitting that it is facing a defeat in Afghanistan but the Western Historians will have to acknowledge this fact that is evident in today's world. Focusing on Pakistan's internal dynamics of extremism and terrorism he said that the successive lack of initiative by various regimes in Pakistan to focus on the development of FATA has given rise to the current scenario. While development is a slow process, creative solutions must be sought for the immediate resolution of the issues. Extending the Political Parties Act to FATA and setting up the ROZs in FATA should be top priority of the government, he believed.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed said that the most youthful population of the World resided in the Muslim countries including Pakistan and utilizing youth's potential must be a priority. He praised PILDAT's initiative of Youth Parliament terming its 3rd consecutive year to be a huge success. "I would like to see you in the national Parliament some years from now," he said while talking to members of the Youth Parliament. He said he believed in the political process and urged youth to come forward and join political platforms.

The third day of the session began earlier with a focus on Kashmir Solidarity day and the Youth Parliament observed one minute's silence to express solidarity with and pay tribute to the martyrs of the independence movement of Kashmir.

Mr. Khizar Pervaiz (YP 40-Sindh 03) invited the attention of the Youth Prime Minister through a calling attention notice to the protracted delay in the completion of Lyari Express way in Karachi and the dislocation of families during the construction of the project.

The first resolution of the day was moved by the Leader of the Opposition Mr. Lehrasip Hayat (YP20-PUNJAB05).The house adopted the resolution in the favour of introducing a bill in the Parliament regarding the prosecution process of persons held in FATA during the ongoing military operation.

Mr. Zulqarnain Haider (YP20-PUNJAB 02), Mr. Hannan Ali Abbasi and Mr. Waqas Nazar Tiwana (YP21-PUNJAB 03) moved a resolution that Pakistan's policy on Terrorism should not compromise on the country's dignity and national interest. During the debate, members strongly condemned the Pakistani government's unconditional support to the US through which the Pakistani nation became a victim of this war. This resolution was unanimously adopted by the House.

Ms. Nabeeha Mohyuddin (YP12-NWFP01), Ms. Mahrukh Ayesha Ali (P18-NWFP07) and Mr. Waqas Nazar Tiwana (YP21-PUNJAB03) introduced a bill in the House to take immediate steps to investigate the alleged presence of the US security company "Blackwater" in various cities of Pakistan. After debate, the bill was referred to the Youth Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights.

The Youth Parliament will continue its discussions on the topic of Revisiting Pakistan's Policy on Terrorism on the fourth day of its session on Saturday, February 6 where the Governor NWFP, Mr. Owais Ghani, will also share his views with the Youth Parliament Pakistan on the issue.


Former Senator Mr. Mushahid Hussain Syed addressing the Youth Parliament 2009-10 on Revisiting Pakistan's Policy on Terrorism on February 05, 2010

  Leader of the Opposition Mr. Lehrasip Hayat (YP23-PUNJAB05) explaining his party stance on Terrorism in Pakistan  
  Members of Youth Parliament Pakistan 2009-10 observing One-Minute Silence on Kashmir Day  
Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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