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Last Day of the Third Session of Youth Parliament Pakistan

Islamabad, April 04: Youth Parliament Pakistan concluded its third session here in Islamabad today after 5 days of legislating over current issues of the country. The major issues under discussion during the Session were The Water Crisis and Inflation,  Poverty and Unemployment, including key issues like Rental Power Plants, the shortcomings in the education system and environmental and medical hazards in the country.

The day started with a Calling Attention notice regarding the Missing Person issue, emphasizing on the case of Dr. Afia Siddiqua. The house condemned the dictatorial injustices committed through arbitrary detentions and extra judicial kidnappings under the guise at the war on terror and its continuance under the democratic regime by refusing access to justice to the families in violation of the rule of law by handing the reins of the proceedings to a judicial commission. 

The other Calling Attention Notice was regarding the need for referendum on renaming of North West Frontier Province (NWFP) by Mr. Hanan Ali Abbasi (YP15.NWFP04) and Mr.Ehsan Naveed Irfan (YP13-NWFP02). The movers of the notice thought that the new name is controversial and has raised serious grievances amongst over ten million people of the area, specially the people of hazara as witnessed during their protests.

The Legislative Business of the day included a Report by an Adhoc committee on Drip Irrigation System. The members presented their findings and submitted a report for the house to consider.

A number of bills were presented in the house which included Medical Negligence Bill, a National Empowerment Youth Commission Bill and a Clean Drinking water Bill. The bills were referred to the next session for discussion in the house. The only resolution discussed was on the exchange of skilled and un-skilled personnel. The house believed that it should be increased with allies of Pakistan with particular emphasis on the Gulf States and also that a National Outreach Programme be initiated that would provide graduates with internships in their own constituencies.

A major highlight of the Third Session was the trip of the Youth Parliamentarians to the National Assembly of Pakistan on a historic day where Mr. Raza Rabbani presented a report of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms. The Youth Parliamentarians also met their representatives in the National Assembly and informally discussed ways and practices to help them make better parliamentarians for the future.

The Fourth Session of the Youth Parliament will take place from May 26 -30, 2010. The topics to be discussed in the next session include National Identity and Good Governance Practices. The Youth Parliament will legislate on these issues and come up with a Youth Policy, comparing statistics for good governance over the years and coming up with an ideological vision for the youth of the country.

  Ms. Nabeeha Mohyudding (YP12-NWFP01) presenting a bill in the house  
  Mr. Muhammad Saleem (YP19-PUNJAB01) discussing the remedial majors to eliminate poverty and un-employment  
  Ms. Madeeha Shahid Rana (YP34-PUNJAB16) from the Blue Party presenting a bill on Youth and Empowerment  
  Meeting of the Blue Party in Progress  
Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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