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The Government needs to focus its efforts on Taxation and Micro financing in order to sustain the country's economy

Islamabad, April 02, 2010: Taxation and Micro financing were the key issues that faced the economy, said Dr. Ashfaque H. Khan addressing the Youth Parliament Pakistan Third Session on the issue of Inflation, Poverty and unemployment.

Dr. Ashfaque specifically criticized the Sasti Roti project saying that it was a political slogan. Due to this, Punjab got bankrupt due to this and incurred heavy losses

Dr. Ashfaque lauded the Benazir income support programme but said that this was only a temporary solution to eliminate poverty. If we were to rely too much on this in the future, then this would be catastrophic for the economy for the country.

The Finance Ministers of the world do not disclose country's economic mistakes, but in our country the Minister clearly and openly states the  flaws in the economic system. This results in the earlier planning of the business men, resulting an ultimate loss for the country.

In Pakistan Politicians, Businessmen lawyers, doctors and civil servants do not pay their tax and to date, their has been no clear reason or justification given for this.

The budget for education and health, even if doubled today, it could not be used positively since the administration and people on top lack governance skills.

Responding to a question, Dr. Ashfaque said that when this government came it could not bring its finance, petroleum and health minister initially. This lead to serious losses for the economy of the country and all the developments and economic stability of the previous government went to waste.

Despite of being self sufficient in wheat, our poor people have been greatly affected by the high prices of wheat. Wheat, he thought was the crux of the inflation and poverty issue of the country.

Earlier in the day, the members of the Youth Parliament Pakistan went on a Study Visit to witness the historical Session of the National Assembly of Pakistan. Mr. Raza Rabbani, Chairman Constitutional Reforms Committee, presented the report on 18th Amendment Bill in the National Assembly with the consent of all political parties.

  Dr. Ashfaque H. Khan Dean NUST Business School and Former Special Secretary Finance addressing the Youth Parliament Pakistan 2009-10 Third Session  
  YPP Leadership presenting souvenir to Dr. Ashfaque H. Khan  
  Mr. Hair-Ud-Din Baloch (YP02-Balochistan01) explaining his point  
  Ms. Nabeeha Mohyudding (YP12-NWFP01) asking a question from the Guest Speaker  
Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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