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Only Water Conservation and Good Governance are remedies for the Water Crisis in Pakistan: Shams-ul-Mulk

Islamabad, April 01, 2010: The Construction of Kalabagh and other dams is the need of the hour and if delayed, it could be very dangerous for the future of the country. These were the views expressed by Mr. Shams ul Mulk, Former Chairman WAPDA and Former Chief Minister NWFP at the third Session of the Youth Parliament Pakistan on the issue of Water Crisis in the country.

He said that the surcharge of hydel power should not reflect in the electricity bills. Pakistan even today has the capacity more than most other countries to generate electricity in Pakistan but right decisions at the right time have been and continue to be lacking to utilize these capacities in Pakistan.

Talking about Rental Power Plants, Mr. Shams-ul-Mulk said that electricity generation by hydel resources is possible at the rate of 49 paisa per unit but instead electricity generation through the RPPs starting from Rs. 14 per unit is being promoted. This is due to the narrow vision of the leaders and their lack of planning, over the years, he said.

He believed that through the Indus Water Treaty, Pakistan has been denied water of 3 of its rivers. Experts of the time thought that Tarbela and Mangla dams could not be constructed, but we as a nation worked hard and proved them wrong.

Answering a question, Mr. Shams-ul-Mulk said that the World Bank persuaded Pakistan to accept two reservoirs instead of 3 rivers. He said that he has been of the view that if Kalabagh dam is not constructed before the turn of the century, then every province would blame the other over water which does not exists in system, and sadly that is witnessed today in Pakistan.

Earlier, the second day of the third session of Youth Parliament Pakistan started with a number of Calling Attention Notices by members of the Youth Parliament on current issues. Mr. Hmmal Muneer Jan brought the attention of the house to the degradation of Indus Delta and loss of fertile land and mangroves due to water shortage and sea erosion. Ms. Asbah Rehman condemned the unfortunate incident at Jinnah Hospital Lahore that resulted in clash between the hospital administration, journalists and relatives of a patient who allegedly died because of administration of a wrong injection.

Ms. Anam Javed Cheema (YP29-PUNJAB11) brought the attention of the House to the need for buying electricity from Iran on priority basis, as an MOU between the two countries has already been signed. She, along with Mr. Hassan Javed Khan (YP39-SINDH02) lauded the bold steps taken by the judiciary against one of the beneficiaries of the NRO, which resulted in the arrest of Additional Director General FIA.

The first Resolution of the day was moved by Ms. Maria Fayyaz (YP32-PUNJAB14) and Mr. Hassan Javed Khan (YP39-SINDH02)  pointing to water dispute amongst provinces which should be resolved immediately by dealing with it as a national priority and crisis.

Mr. Prem Chand (YP38-SINDH01), Hassan Taslneem Ahmed (YP26-PUNJAB08) and Hanan Ali Abbasi (YP15-NWFP04) moved a resolution in the House that the Government should take steps to promote the drip and sprinkle irrigation systems for conserving water.

Mr. Hanan Ali Abbasi (YP15.NWFP04) also brought the attention about NOC issued by Government about imposition of Pashto Language as compulsory subject from nursery to intermediate classes in NWFP. He was of the view that this preference is against first choice of more then one crore Nan-Pashto speakers of province.

The Youth Parliament Pakistan will discuss the issue of Poverty, Inflation and Unemployment on Friday, April 02, 2010 on the 3rd day of its third session where Dr. Ashfaque H. Khan, Dean NUST Business School and Former Special Secretary Finance, will address the Youth Parliament.

  Mr. Shams ul Mulk, Former Chairman WAPDA and Former Chief Minister NWFP at the Q & A Session  
  YPP Leadership presenting souvenir to Mr. Shams ul Mulk  
  Ms. Anam Javed Cheema (YP29-PUNJAB11) at a Calling Attention Notice  
  Youth Parliament Pakistan 2009-10 Session in Progress  
Youth Parliament of Pakistan 2008-09

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