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> PILDAT criticises cursing of Parliament and agitation to dislodge an elected government

January 18, 2018


PILDAT criticises cursing of Parliament and agitation to dislodge an elected government

January 18; PILDAT has said in a statement that efforts to oust an elected government through agitation and use of street force is contrary to democratic norms and principles. 

In a statement issued today, PILDAT maintained that Governments elected through popular will represent the mandate of citizens. Any efforts to dislodge them by blocking the busy streets and denying access to educational institutions and hospitals, therefore, goes against the very principle of democracy that celebrates the rights of people to choose their representatives. It is especially difficult to understand the rationale of such a movement at a time when the term of the government is scheduled to expire in the next five months.

Not only undemocratic in essence, aiming to dislodge an elected government can very quickly lead the country to anarchy and may jeopardise the coming general election. Political parties openly claiming to do so are not only posing a threat to country's stability but are in flagrant violation of the very principle of their own existence. 

PILDAT also regretted the unfortunate use of words by some politicians that have publicly chosen to condemn and curse the elected Parliament. Performance of individual members and the Parliament as an institution can always be critically examined and commented on but cursing the institution that represents the will of the people is unacceptable in any civilized society. To condemn the Parliament is tantamount to condemning the citizens of Pakistan.