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> PILDAT demands early constitution of the Commission on alleged poll rigging; expresses dismay and surprise at the delay

August 23, 2014


August 23; On August 12, 2014, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had announced in a nation-wide televised address the formation of a Commission of Inquiry comprising three judges of the Supreme Court to investigate Mr. Imran Khan’s allegations about rigging in May 2013 general election. Earlier, on August 11, 2014, Mr. Imran Khan had come up with a detailed charge sheet about the alleged rigging in the election while addressing a Press Conference in Islamabad ahead of his planned Azadi March and Dharna (Sit-in) at Islamabad. These were very serious allegations and it is extremely important to establish the truth. On August 13, the Federal Law Secretary Barrister Zafarullah Khan wrote to the Registrar Supreme Court conveying the terms of reference of the proposed commission and asking for the nominations to the proposed commission. As of today, ten days after the announcement, there is no visible movement towards the formation of the commission. It is rather sad and surprising that while the nation is in the grip of a serious political crisis at the centre of which lies the allegations of poll rigging, the formation of the commission is taking such a long time. If there is a legal or Constitutional glitch in the way of formation of this, the Court may advise the Government accordingly. Can the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan be requested to expedite the nomination of three honourable judges of the Supreme Court to the proposed commission so that the process of the inquiry may get underway at the earliest? May we also request that the commission may kindly complete the inquiry in the shortest possible time, preferably a month so that the country may get out of the stalemate and be able to move forward at the earliest?