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> Federal, Provincial and Local Governments:
   Demarcation of Roles, Issues and Possible Solutions
Legislative Strengthening Workshop for Members of the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan
July 16-17, 2003
Hotel Serena, Quetta

Event Proceedings [4.5 MB]
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The demarcation of roles between the federal, provincial and local governments has been an important issue in Pakistan since its inception. After the introduction of the devolution plan in 2000, the provincial governments promulgated the local government system through provincial ordinances and held elections to set up local governments. This entire exercise took place in the absence of national and provincial assemblies. After the October 2002 election of MNAs and MPAs, concerns emerged regarding the demarcation of roles between the parliamentarians and the local Nazims.


This workshop was held in order to provide the participating MPAs with the constitutional guidelines for the demarcation of roles between the three tiers of government, as well as practical points of view on the subject by different experts.


The basic purpose of the workshop was to create a better understanding of the system and contribute towards a smoother interaction between the three tiers of government.


Complete proceedings of the event are now available. Click on the link titled 'Event Proceedings' on this page to access the PDF file.