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> Pakistan-India Parliamentarians’ Dialogue
January 06-07, 2011; Islamabad, Pakistan

   January 07, 2011
Pakistan-India Dialogue
January 07, 2011


Joint Declaration


The Pakistan-India Parliamentarians dialogue took place in Islamabad on January 06-07. The parliamentarians of the two countries held a constructive, candid and comprehensive dialogue while recognizing the importance of their role in removing the trust deficit in the areas that divide the two countries. This would be done by building on commonalities and the positives with a view to resuming the dialogue and promoting a peoples movement for peace and reconciliation.


In order to do so they agreed on the need for a follow up mechanism, this should serve as a focal point and continue to provide support and assistance to the process.


It was agreed that the presiding officers of the parliaments of the two countries would be briefed about the outcome of the Islamabad meeting and requested to advice on a follow up mechanism.


The parliamentarians of the two countries who represent the public interest will be able to suggest practical steps for promoting and sustaining the dialogue by addressing outstanding issues. One of the possible ways of doing so could be that PILDAT and PRC in India or a similar body could be asked to serve as a co-coordinating agency to help facilitate such a dialogue. The dialogue would reflect the interest of the people of Pakistan and India to benefit from enormous opportunities that become available through mutual cooperation. The parliamentarians guided by the principals of cooperative and good neighborly relations would be able to address all issues of mutual concern and interest meaningfully including Kashmir, Water and Terrorism.


Dialogue is also important for the two countries to achieve their potential. The parliamentarians are in the best position to influence public opinion and media in terms of raising the consciousness of the people of the two countries on the gains to peace so that they can look forward to a future of prosperity for the people of the two countries in the 21st century.