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> Youth Cabinet swears-in; Youth Parliament discusses Revival of Students Unions
First Session of Youth Parliament 2008
September 19, 2008
Hotel Margalla, Islamabad


Islamabad, September 19: Youth Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Babar announced his Youth cabinet which was sworn-in by the Speaker Youth Parliament today.


The Youth Cabinet includes Mr. Mudassir Habib (YP57-SINDH09), Youth Minister for Culture, Sports & Youth Affairs, Mr. Muhammad Rafique Wassan (YP59-SINDH11), Youth Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs & Human Rights, Mr. Samir Anwar Butt (YP10-ICT01), Youth Minister for Foreign Affairs & Defence, Ms. Umm-e-Ammara Hikmat (YP19-NWFP07), Youth Minister for Finance, Planning Affairs & Economics, Mr. Yawar Hayat Shah (YP22-PUNJAB03), Youth Minister for Information and Mr. Zameer Ahmed Malik (YP50-SINDH02), Youth Minister for Education, Health & Environment.


The second sitting of the Youth Parliament began in the morning by a calling attention notice by Mr. Aurangzeb Marri (YP55-SINDH07) about the recent alive burial of women in Balochistan. The house unanimously condemned these actions and demanded that the culprits should be brought to justice. The issue was referred to the Youth Parliament Committee on Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights.


On another calling attention notice Mr. Mir Fahad Iqbal (YP61-SINDH13) condemned the US attacks inside Pakistan in which the house united in offering its condemnation. The opposition benches demanded that the Government of Pakistan should reconsider and renegotiate its terms with the United States; while the members of the treasury benches in the Youth Parliament defended the Government of Pakistanís position supporting the highlighting of the issue on international forums but at the same time handling the issue with care considering that US was an important ally of the Pakistan.


Formal debate was initiated in the Youth Parliament on the topic of revival of students unions. Although the debate is yet to be concluded and the House remains divided on whether or not revival of students union should take place, there is near unanimity in the house that political parties should have no role or linkages with students unions.


Earlier, the opposition benches severely criticized the Youth Prime Minister for going back on his promise in the House Business Advisory Committee in which he had offered the Green Party chairmanship of two Standing Committees of its choice.


The issue of quorum was raised for the first time in Youth Parliament today, though by a treasury member. However, the quorum was found to be in order and the business continued uninterrupted.


The Deputy Speaker Youth Parliament adjourned the house till 09:30 am on Saturday, 20th of September 2008.